On your fifth anniversary, thank you Pope Francis

Today is the fifth anniversary of Pope Francis's election as the universal leader of the Catholic Church. Through the joys and the hopes and the sufferings and the anxieties of the people of God, Pope Francis has walked with the Church the entire way.

On this anniversary, we simply say "thank you, Holy Father!" Ad multos annos! We wish you many great years ahead, and—as you've asked—we'll continue to pray for you and your ministry. 

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  • Cecelia Lyons
  • Anne K Walter
  • Fr. Jim Hoffman OFM
  • Holy Father, you have rescued me from spiritual despair at every turn. I hope you know many in the United States feel the same. Thank you for standing up for Jesus’ true message.
  • Barbara Quinn
  • Cathy Schwinden
  • Lydia M Pena
  • Thank-you! Gratias! Merci! Danke! You have done the world a great service by living and teaching Jesus’ messages of peace and social justice.
  • Cindy Lewis
  • Maureen Fiedler
  • Maureen Glavin
  • Rita Mahoney
  • Bill Trunk
  • Dear Pope Francis, My mother, a faithful Christian was raised in the Catholic Church in NYC and left to marry my father. But when Pope John the 23rd was pope she prayed for the goodness and power of the papacy for love in the world. I have followed your wonderful work of hope and energizing the love and faith of ordinary people. Keep up God’s work of standing in the Holy Spirit and speaking out for God’s values!
  • Helen Miller
  • Barbara Green
  • On the fifth anniversary of his election, sign this letter to say "thank you" to Pope Francis! https://www.francisproject.org/francisat5?recruiter_id=128